12 ottobre 2008

Il giorno degli sciacalli

È il caso di leggere quello che Palmiro scrive sulla religione e sugli avvoltoi che se ne fanno alfieri.


My friend Palmiro writes (in Italian) on religion and on the vultures who claim to be its ministers.

Here's an attempt at translation

Yesterday Elisa, the first child of a young technician I work with, was stillborn: the umbilical cord wrapped itself around her neck in the last few moments of her birth and strangled her. It's a tragedy that has affected all of us, but it's not quite what I want to talk about - it's a tragic fact, but an "ordinary" tragic fact - I want to talk about the funeral, a church funeral since the family is religious. In this crowded church, right in the middle of the main nave, more visible than the cross itself, there was a collections box with a sign "For the Movimento per la vita" (the main Italian pro-life organisation). I won't comment, the fact itself is so clearly disgusting there's really no need, but I wonder, how can a person - because even a priest is, after all, a person - stoop so low, take advantage of such a tragedy. And to think that at first I hadn't even noticed it, in the crowd - together with friends and relatives there was the whole company in there - and I was even telling myself, lapsed militant agnostic that I am, that even the Church has its useful function in people's lives, that in such a sad moment I felt part of a larger community offering comfort to a member who needed it. What an idiot I was to let myself be led by the nose even for a moment - let these cynical, exploiting shamans be wiped away, let the churches - which are ours, fruit of the labour and the genius of our ancestors - remain there forever as a symbol of the flawed genius of our species and our need for myths.

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