25 gennaio 2008

Soccorso per l'ego

Checchè ne dicano Scott Adams e la mia amica Annarella, ormai l'ignoranza è a pieno titolo un punto di vista, e per evitare che chi lo sottoscrive si senta sminuito da coloro che hanno peccato gravemente leggendo dei libri magari di (orrore) biologia, Mrs. Inminoranza ha dei preziosi consigli.

3 commenti:

Will ha detto...

Please can you do the odd post in English for us stupido anglo-idiots now and again.

I want to know what the fuck you are saying!

Eugenio Mastroviti ha detto...

Hey Will,

sorry 'bout that. Translating posts into English is quite time-consuming, but I promise I'll try. I never thought of doing it - mainly because most of the posts are of little or no interest to a Brit, dealing as they do with the minutiae of Italian politics, with simplified explanations of the going-ons in the People's Republic of London or with Hakmao's weird fixation that there was no penalty (the girl's nice but seriously cuckoo where Antipodean football is concerned, i tell you)

Uriel ha detto...

I want to know what the fuck you are saying!

We're planning to destroy England, the Queen and (last but not least) the Beatles.

Is the Complot, darling. :P